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Wed, Nov. 23rd, 2005, 07:37 pm
spriksie: Rules for Reality Revision and Wish.

The following are things you can do with Reality Revision and Wish. I will update this entry as necessary, so feel free to copy a link to this specific entry. You can email me or post a comment on this page with any questions/concerns.
  • Raise any ability score by up to a +5 inherent bonus; these wishes must be done in consecutive order to apply and once you spend the experience for them, if you wish to raise an ability score higher, you must spend experience for a higher inherent bonus at a later time. This means,
    1. +1 costs 5,000 XP
    2. +2 costs 10,000 XP, paid all at once
    3. +3 costs 15,000 XP, paid all at once
    4. +4 costs 20,000 XP, paid all at once
    5. +5 costs 25,000 XP, paid all at once
  • Gain a standard feat; 5,000 XP
  • Gain an epic feat; 15,000 XP through three consecutive uses, paid all at once
  • Gain 5 skill points to use in any skills within your maximum rank limit; 5,000 XP (This is essentially the Open Minded feat)
  • Give an inherent bonus to your max skill rank (so if you're 20th level, you can spend 25 points in one skill instead of 23 with a +2 skill rank inherent bonus), and uses must be consecutive to receive a higher bonus. This means,
    1. +5 costs 5,000 XP
    2. +10 costs 10,000 XP
    3. +15 costs 15,000 XP
    4. +20 costs 20,000 XP
    5. +25 costs 25,000 XP
    6. And so on. There is no cap to how many times you can consecutively do this.
  • Gain an item of up to 25,000 gp in value at DM's approval; 5,000 XP
  • Add any one spell of 8th level or lower to spellbook; 5,000 XP
  • Gain any one spell or any one power (if sorcerer or psion) of 8th level or lower; 2,000 XP per power level or spell level, minimum 5,000 XP
  • Learn any one language beyond intelligence modifier's limit
  • Increase effective caster level or manifester level for the purposes of a familiar or psicrystal only. This means,
    1. +2 costs 5,000 XP
    2. +4 costs 10,000 XP, paid all at once
    3. +6 costs 15,000 XP, paid all at once
    4. +8 costs 20,000 XP, paid all at once
    5. +10 costs 25,000 XP, paid all at once
  • Increase base attack bonus by an inherent bonus only up to +5, cumulative depending on uses in a row. This means,
    1. +1 costs 5,000 XP
    2. +2 costs 10,000 XP, paid all at once
    3. +3 costs 15,000 XP, paid all at once
    4. +4 costs 20,000 XP, paid all at once
    5. +5 costs 25,000 XP, paid all at once
    Unlike epic level progression, you do gain extra attacks based upon the increases done with this option.

Sun, Oct. 23rd, 2005, 03:15 pm
spriksie: Updated prohibited list.


4th - Shadow Conjuration
5th - Shadow Evocation
6th - Geas/Quest

5th - Plane Shift (you can take this, but it only works for the inner planes)
6th - Forbiddance, Geas/Quest
7th - Ethereal Jaunt, Resurrection
9th - Astral Projection, Etherealness, Gate (only works for inner planes), Miracle, Soul Bind, True Resurrection

4th - Shadow Conjuration
5th - Dismissal, Planar Binding [Lesser], Shadow Evocation, Permanency
6th - Planar Binding, Shadow Walk
7th - Banishment, Plane Shift (you can take this, but only works for inner planes), Shadow Conjuration [Greater], Ethereal Jaunt, Limited Wish
8th - Planar Binding [Greater], Trap the Soul, Shadow Evocation [Greater]
9th - Freedom, Imprisonment, Gate (only works for inner planes), Shades, Astral Projection, Soul Bind, Etherealness, Wish

No restricted spells.

Plane Shift (inner only), Bend Reality, Reality Revision

Mon, Oct. 17th, 2005, 06:59 pm
spriksie: Session Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight.

Present for Twenty-Seven: Jamie, Erin, Paul, Jared, John
After making one of the three dragons fall within the Plane of Water, the other two fled. Meanwhile, Annette got ahold of the Orb of Water. The group headed back to find Hali demanding to be given the Orb of Water, but when a grand dragon arose from the ground and destroyed all of the area of the Hidden Coast, the final commencing of Annette embracing the Orb of Water, Hali fled. The group had to pick up the pieces ofthe catastrophe.

Shortly thereafter, the group headed to the Shining Woods, to the safety of a unicorn's castle. The beautiful maiden that was the unicorn accomodated them in a castle made of crystal and gold, full of wealth and riches that she claimed could never leave the paradise. Then, in the middle of the night, Milia, Annette, and Elric all left. The Vessels of the Gods, now that they all had their four essences, were going to prepare the ritual.

The group remained at the palace for a time, when Milia's psicrystal, Mana, guided them to the depths of the Underdark, saying that the Vessels of the Gods awaited them. At the bottom, the group crossed the Magic Ebb, and Blink and Shade met the High Arcanist, who told them it was time to become one, and plunged in. The two fairies similarly, and reluctantly, dove into the Magic Ebb.

Present for Twenty-Eight: Paul, Jared, John, Brian

The fairies entering the Magic Ebb caused it to suction into itself, and a large hole to appear. The group moved into the darkness, and entered the ritual hall. They watched the ritual performed, where the gods each held a candle, and light glowed from them, causing the Vessel to separate from the god himself. Before the ritual, Quin bid farewell to Isis. During the ritual itself, Windy dropped her candle, and was surrounded by fire.

There were twelve pillars, a god standing on six pillars, an empty pillar separating each god. The Vessels emerged onto these pillars, wearing robes of white--the gods, they were wearing robes of black. The pillars of the Vessels then each lit up, as they made their wishes. Quin, Amon, Lorelai, and Tengaar all fell unconscious.

Once the pillars ceased their glowing, a decrepit body appeared for but a moment in the center of all them, embracing in her arms a small, heavenly little girl with iridescent wings--who the group later found to be Blink, the last of the fairies, and the predominant personality of the soul of Eve.

The place began to crumble. Erim opened a portal and urged the group through, to a foreign land of snow, though it was not cold at all--rather, it had an inviting breeze. Buildings of white, circular in shape, dotted the snowland. This was Boq'thalas' plane, for he was a shaper, capable of manifesting the psionic power of genesis.

The group remained in this plane for days, whereby Quin, Amon, Lorelai, and Tengaar awoke. Then, Xander called everyone together, and told them the world would end soon--without but a couple months--and that only one thing could spare them from the darkness of the Void. This was the Ship of One Hundred, the ship the group sailed in Carceri that held one hundred sarcophigi, all that could hold one soul to the journey to the True World, the place of origination. All but these hundred souls would perish with the world. He proposed, as a way of identifying people worthy to take to the True World, a celebration be held at the Indestructible Fortress of the Scarred Mountains--people would be gathered with the call to find "honorable warriors who will fight against the forces that are destroying the world," and they would all be judged.

This was held at the fortress, and twelve were chosen--among them, a Drow ranger [Brian's Character]. This ranger, and the group, after the party following the ceremony of chosing ended (a formal ball within the fortress in the king's chamber), headed off to the regions of Baator, guided by a Half Infernal that told the group one of their companions, Milia, had a pact to repay within the regions of the Nine Hells. On the first layer of Hell, the group encountered many things, including a little girl who commit suicide, a wife being raped by erinyes, and a young aasimar (who looked twelve and claimed to be sixteen) having his fingernails ripped off by succubi. The boy safe, the group decided to rest in the hidden cavern he was being held in, for they were exhausted from their many battles with the devils of the Nine Hells.

Fri, Sep. 23rd, 2005, 12:18 pm
spriksie: Session Twenty-Six.

Present: Everyone

(Forgive the shortness of this synopsis, but I only have time for the basics.)

Last session was Blink's wedding. Everyone gathered together and celebrated the fairies coming together. Illia tried to get the townspeople gathered and used prestidigitation effects to enhance the wedding. Quin brought Shade and Osker to the Plane of Earth (and Osker picked up an amethyst geode for his family there). Shade turned into a Seelie after the wedding commenced.

The group then went to the Plane of Water, where we had HUGE issues with misunderstanding SR/PR rules (lol). The game ended with the group fighting the three dragon guardians that were watching over the Orb of Water.

Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 06:02 pm
spriksie: Session Twenty Five

Present: Everyone except Jamie/Portia.

The group began with the climatic encounter with Pharris and Windy, to which everyone except Shade, Quin, and Milia were instantly killed by Pharris' Wail of the Banshee. Shade followed the deaths of the others when Windy used Weird, but Quin and Milia remained standing. Ultimately, Windy slaughtered everyone and then took the Orb of Air from Quin "as he agreed," then she disappeared, leaving Quin and Milia to use revivify to bring everyone back except the fairies, who would later be resurrected by Isis.

After Quin placed his sword in Pharris' chest, much to Cerulean's shock, the group used Jaenas locate Alissa, who, being Pharris' Guardian, assured Pharris' survival until her own life was taken. Alissa was found in an underwater shrine of Windy that Jaenas said was buried by "an accident" while eyeing Boq'thalas. Alissa was found praying in the center of the church, unacknowledging the group's obvious approach as their steps echoed throughout the halls, and quietly waiting for her end. Milia stabbed the willing Alissa in the back and through her body using her halberd. Alissa and Pharris then both ashed, but not before Cerulean had taken the possessions off Pharris' body, as Quin suggested, and placed them within a box that he then placed inside his portable hole.

Within the ashes was the Orb of Negative Energy, which Isis absorbed. After absorbing the Orb, Isis suggested to the group, 'through her all-omniscient sight of Evelon,' that they deal with issues she could clearly witness within the Hidden Coast--the people that were once enslaved by Windy's air elementals were now being killed by air elementals that Windy left out of control. Maggie, who'd been with the group after being controlled by Pharris and Windy before the climatic encounter, bid a fond farewell to the group, telling them she had other places to be, since it was not just the Hidden Coast that was caught up in tragedy. Meanwhile, Jaenas returned to Psidom, and the group further split off, with Boq'thalas, Cerulean and Shaenelle going to the North Woods in the Hidden Coast; Quin and Isis going to Poisson; and Osker, Blink, and Illia going to the Undermines. After Osker, Blink, and Illia found they were of no use in the Undermines--in fact, Osker's head exploded from mind flayers that were patrolling the area--they went to Gnomell and fought a baatezu and wild air elementals. Isis and Quin picked off air elementals in Poisson and Cerulean, Shaenelle, and Boq'thalas assisted with the refugees at the small sanctum Mikel and Amberyl had been building within the forest's perimeters, a place of safety dedicated to all six of the gods.

Blink's spells failed in the process of trying to fight off those in Gnomell. When Blink found Rodhem in Gnomell, he was missing an eye, and his body was shattered and broken. Shade tried to assist in healing.

Peace was brought back to most places, though dead and injured were left in the wake of the belated rescue, and Isis went to finish off the mind flayers in the Undermines. The group retreated with survivors into the new temple of Mikel's and Amberyl's construction and there people were tended to. Quin decided it was safe to get Amy from Psidom at that point, and returned with her while the group assisted with mundane and magical means on the remaining wounded until sleep took them over. Unfortunately, Isis beckoned them, so sleep was not yet rewarded.

Much to everyone's surprise, Isis started when she brought what she called her "pets" (the group) into the room with her conversation by kneeling to them, and thanking all of them for helping her retrieve her four essences. She then explained to the group that becoming complete truly made Milia and her one, and this caused her to see information Milia previously hid from all of them. Essentially, she revealed that Milia did not descend from the first man and woman that everyone else was born from; indeed, mankind was bound by Fate, but there were others that were born from a different heritage, and they fell under different laws within the multiverse. I will be posting a detailed explanation later, along with drawings, for those of you that need to read/review the philosophy behind Evelon and the True World, and the central point of the story that Isis revealed to everyone.

This is where the session ended.

Wed, Aug. 17th, 2005, 02:58 pm
spriksie: Session Twenty Four.

Session Twenty Four

Present: Everyone except Paul/Osker.

The game began in the High Church of Ergoth, where Shaenelle and Blink had been resurrected. The High Priest of Ergoth, Briar, had come out to greet the group and tell them of a prophecy the fatemaker Ella told to him, but as he approached in his slow, elderly walk (the man looked to be about a hundred year old human), an earthquake occured and the Church began to collapse. One pillar fell on him, crushing and killing the High Priest, while other pillars still fell on Illia and Quin, who moved to push Amy out of the way. The others ducked underneathe the marble tables in an effort to save themselves, and Illia and Quin were soon to follow, until they eventually left the crumbling Church.

Blink and Shade could no longer fly, which was the first cue that magics did not function. Quin could not invoke psionics, and so this did not work either. Curiously, however, Milia had her powers, though this would not be seen into outside of the Church, the group, with Illia in the lead, encountered Ella, wearing white robes--a great difference from the last roguish outfit they saw her in. Ella told the group that as the Vessels of the Gods gained more essences and brought the Gods closer together, history would repeat itself, and the catastrophes of twenty-three-hundred years ago were again coming to pass. The world was shaken by a sudden loss in soul energy, as Maelern once did back when he tried to drain the world to save the Lost Goddess, and with the depleted soul energy, magic and psionics ceased to function. Beings with more soul energy than usual, such as those that shared their soul with the soul energy of another--basically, the Vessels of the Gods, like Milia, who shared herself with Isis, and like Pharris, who shared himself with the Orb of Negative Energy (orbs also being made of soul energy)--could still use magic and psionic power.

After much debating about whether to invoke the Orb of Air or not, and whether the group would just travel by foot through the Underdark without magic or psionics to aide them, Quin came up with the brilliant idea of having Milia borrow the knowledge of Fusion from him, which was still present regardless of his inability to use it, then fuse with him so they were the same being. Fused together, Milia could access Quin's ability to plane shift, and so she plane shifted the group to Lorelai's plane of Vos, where they deemed they would be safe, and where they could return the shards of the Orb of Fire to she and Xander and make Pyre whole again. Ella told the group that once one of the Vessels obtains an Orb and the fourth essence is unlocked, the draining of the world will cease, as history will unfold to its next stage in repeating itself.

Inside, they met the cranky Lorelai, who could not use magic, and Xander soon to follow. Blackwing would enter the picture, who also seemed to respond to the name of Hali, and he demonstrated that he, as well, could still use psionic powers. The Orb of Fire was missing the core that the group recalled Arthen had, and mindlinking with Arthen revealed that he was being held captive by Mortigor, as well as Michelle. Hali, Xander, and Milia departed, and eighteen seconds later, they returned and Hali made jest about how Mortigor was not a being he knew existed. They beared with them Arthen and Michelle, and Hali then demanded Arthen hand over the piece of the Orb of Fire. After obtaining Arthen's piece, Hali reluctantly brought Arthen and Michelle to the Hundred Isles, and then the Orb of Fire was again pieced together.

It came to little surprise when it was found there was still a piece missing--a piece so small, it could be seen as but a flake of glitter. Hali said he could locate it, if Xander would forfeit his wish to Hali, but the group decided this was not an intelligent decision, and so they headed out to find the shard on their own accord through first divining where it could be located, then translating the puzzle posed to them as a direction towards the High Church of Pyre. There they went, and Illia discovered an illusionary stain of dried blood that actually opened up into a much larger pool of blood, where Portia dived down and was grappled by a creature she could not see. Of course, being a lithe rogue, she was able to slither free, but still the mystery lied as to if the shard was down there or not, and eventually Xander went in. He later emerged with the final piece of the Orb of Fire tucked away in his mouth.

The Orb placed together, Pyre appeared before everyone, and he and Lorelai disappeared to a place unknown. It was acknowledged that Hali still had the Orb of Earth that he'd taken from the destroyed Mortigor, but it would have to wait until the group recovered. And so, the group went to the one place they knew could always be a safe haven, the island of Psidom.

In the middle of the night, the group was beckoned to visit Jaenas, who insisted that the Orb of Air should be turned over to him. With Jaenas, was Mikel, Boq'thalas, Ella, and a mysterious little girl that True Seeing revealed as a dragon of unidentifiable specie, entailing the four Fatemakers of the world of Evelon. They and Jaenas arose in conflict when Jaenas become vicious about taking the Orb of Air, and Boq'thalas won over Jaenas. They went to another island in the Hundred Isles that was desolate from others, and tied Jaenas to a tree to revive him from his injured state, within a psionically nullified field. Just as Jaenas recovered though, Blink looked into his crystal ball, and the same happened to Blink that happened to Jaenas--she was tempted through the crystal ball by the sentience of the Orb of Air, and became obsesssive about taking it. Boq'thalas trapped Blink into an ectoplasmic sphere and, as he contemplated how to remove the temptations of the Orb of Air from the two new victims, Windy and Pharris appeared out of nowhere, intent on obtaining both the Essences of Isis from Milia's body and the Orb of Air everyone vyed over.

The session ended at this climatic point before Windy and Pharris.

Thu, Aug. 4th, 2005, 10:06 am
spriksie: Session Twenty-Three and other brief recaps.

A quick synopsis of the last two sessions I didn't update for, based upon my sketchy memory.

Session Twenty-One
This was the session when the group went into the Underdark to save Amy from the Dark Elves, and encountered the Githzerai at the Fortress of Gnem, along with Quin's two other siblings, Equis'nun and Cherryl.

This was the session where the group went from the Githzerai Fortress to the beholder city Ibadoshdin after they opened a planar rift by placing a bag of holding within a bag of holding. By defeating the dragon that rested within the Lava Pit, they would correct the burden they placed upon the githzerai with their sudden portal into the Astral Plane. The group met the watcher Ohan when they reached the beholder city Ibadoshdin, who had a love for foods and bright colors. After Osker got turned into stone from smart mouthing and the group fought through an arena of more hostile beholderkin, they stayed the night in Ohan's cave.

Session Twenty-Three

Present: Everyone!

The session began with the group leaving their resting place in Ohan's cave within the beholder city Ibadoshdin. Portia tried to coax trading the Jar of Spices she obtained last session with Ohan for something else, and Ohan offered to do everything within his power to help Osker if she gave him the jar. Since there wasn't anything within his realm of power that could help the stoned dwarf, he got to keep the Jar of Spices after just staring at the statue for a few seconds.

Members of the group, however, felt that they could help the dwarf during his immobile period. Portia helped herself to chipping off the dwarf's beard while Shade used stone shape to smoothen out Osker's legs and put a reverse mohawk down his head, all which was corrected later after Osker was returned to flesh again by having a cleric of Ergoth use regeneration on his legs to open the pores back up and completely shaving off his crude beard and the rest of his hair on his head.

How Osker came about being turned back into a fleshy being was through plane shifting/teleportation to the island of Psidom, where Jaenas asked them to stay the night (after just waking up from Ohan's lair) so that he could prepare the Stone to Flesh arcane spell. Cerulean went to look at the crystal shop within Psidom, Illia spent her time with Noir, one of the leaders of Psidom. Quin was approached by Kazin, one of Amberyl's friends. Blink went to visit Vincent within Psidom. Portia and Shaenelle went herb picking in the southern parts of the island.

Osker insisted on taking Scruffy, his dire wolf, to his family, but first wanted to try to go to Fae to age himself so he had a beard again. Entering Fae, however, revealed that the tree the Miracle Healer once lived in was decimated, and that all the Seelie had turned to Unseelie, all the Elves turned to Drow. Furthermore, Nightmares, vicious abominations created out of souls tortured and brought to no meaning, drifted about in the sky, ready to attack. By means of Id, Quin's psicrystal, Osker was taken out of the area (along with Blink, arguably, who tried to get her way into Fae to do research), and the group wnet to Osker's family to drop off Scruffy and then finally set their course back onto going to the Lava Pit, as the story originally intended.

The journey to the Lava Pit was a quick one. The dungeon was completely skipped over to move the game along and keep the story from remaining stagnant over several gaming sessions, and the group was thrown into the battle with Razu, the half-illithid body tamer young adult red dragon (whew, long title), after defeating the ooze minions that Razu left out to buy himself some time. Razu killed Blink and Shaenelle via the mind flayer's ability to draw out the brain, and Cerulean made sure to ash Razu's body as a result, then bury the ashes within the lava (more for Shaenelle's sake than Blink's, admittedly.) Meanwhile, Osker continued to take the spotlight by shooting arrows into the lava with an elaborate description of doing so. Portia and Illia moved into the treasure room to gather the goods that hadn't been destroyed by the lava trigger Razu left within his lair, while the rest of the group went to the Githzerai Fortress of Gnem to ask them for ressurection. One old human woman in her seventies was capable of helping them, but did not have the material components to do so, so she directed the group to the High Church of Ergoth. The group teleported there, and Cerulean proceeded to pull out bag after bag of platinum to pay for the resurrection.

This is where the game ended.

Please note, as far as how we have progressed within the story of the campaign/actual adventure, we've moved very little. This is attributed partly towards players taking the spotlight, so to speak, and is equally contributed to the fact we take an hour and a half before game to socialize and level and whatnot (which I take some blame for due to the fact I am always doing last minute preparations, and I'll work on that myself). We also take a long break for dinner, though I always plan to lose an hour to an hour and a half of time everyone is here to taking breaks/eating. I ask that we try to minimize these distractions and time drainers on our gaming time as much as possible, so the story can move forward. You guys were supposed to get the Orb of Fire put together last game, and I barely got you through the Lava Pit! This is half my fault, as part of the DM is definately keeping time in order during a session, and I'll be working on that.

Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2005, 10:55 am
spriksie: Updates and email notes.

I have a month where I don't have college, just work, so I'm going to try to use this time to polish off our D&D website and address many things I've left on the backburner (along with doing chores around the house, lol.) Here's my to-do list of things that need to be done to the website so far, so to speak:
  • Add epic level prestige classes; this is so you have advance knowledge of what's to come and you incorporate that into how you develop your characters.
  • Update the herbalism section and the alchemy section with more rare and very rare listings.
  • Work on the skills section some more as a whole, opening up other skill descriptions.
  • Update the NPC section, since you've learned more about some NPCs and opinions of some NPCs have changed, etc.
Please feel free to put a comment on this entry--you can post anonymous, you don't need a livejournal account--and let me know what you also would like to see added to the website, worked on for the game, and so forth. The beauty of anonymous posting is that I don't know who you are, if that ambiguity is something that makes you more comfortable to give me some critiquing.

Also, I have currently received emails from Quin and Blink. They seem to have the email thing down, lol. Here's some emails I suggest for my other players:
  • Illia can open up an email with Noir during the day in Psidom.
  • Illia could open up an email with Cerulean, Shaenelle, Milia, or Amy during the time Osker was messing around with Fae and whatnot.
  • Portia could open up an email with Shaenelle during the time the two were picking herbs.
  • Portia could open up an email with Cerulean, Shaenelle, Milia, or Amy during the time the group was briefly visiting the Undermines while Osker was visiting his family.
  • Osker could open up the email with his family.
  • Osker could open up an email with Shade while Shade is riding his shoulder in the Underdark.
Don't feel limited by what I listed; these are just ideas that I came up with off the top of my head, in case you guys were having a hard time thinking about how to interact or who to interact with.

Some notes about the personalities/quirks of the NPCs currently in your party:

Milia: She is the Vessel of Isis, one of the six that houses fragments of the gods. She does not have the ability to physically speak because of this, and conversation is usually initiated with her when she opens up a telepathic link. She can hear fine, so asking her to open up that link usually will have her do such. She is also very temperamental because Isis' personality is imposed upon her own persona, causing her to be more snippity and arrogant than what she really is. Furthermore, she's usually found near Quin and Amy, though you can catch her without them around at certain points.

Cerulean and Shaenelle: Unless specifically stated (such as when Portia went out with just Shaenelle to get herbs), these two are usually found together. Approaching one will usually entail approaching the other, although you can specify you wanted to speak to one of them alone.

Amy: She uses Milia as a security blanket because the two are both Niomus, and she uses Quin as a security blanket because the magic items Quin has made for her, combined with the time he's spent with her and the different ways he helped her family, has made her personify him as a hero. Being interested in fairy tales, she has a natural affinity for Blink and Shade. Also, she is fascinated by magic and is rather gifted as a wizard.

Shade: He's been present in the group for the entire game, lol. He's usually in the background somewhere. Not nearly as mischievious or energetic as Blink, Shade is usually calm about his manners and dedicates himself to helping everyone and forgetting to help himself. Once in awhile, and more frequently as of late, he gets a streak of playfulness in him, which is usually noticed by evil smirks and laughter. He's not hard to communicate with for any of the PCs, as he often flutters around the party.

Mon, Jun. 27th, 2005, 09:23 pm
spriksie: (no subject)

Session Twenty

Present: Blink, Quin, Osker, Portia

The session began with the group in the small town in the Wasted Lands. They stayed at an inn there that they were told they were welcome at for free for the rest of their lives, per saving the people from the Dream Vestiges. However, in the middle of the night, there was a series of massive earthquakes that caused damage to not only the inn, but the entire small town, and a violet storm raged in the sky. The group tried to help their allies or the townspeople in various ways, but their help would be cut short by the Material Vessels of the Gods--Milia of Isis, Timothy of Trien, Annette of Aquaria, Xander of Pyre, and Elric of Ergoth (the Miracle Healer of Windy was not there)--flying up into the sky, towards the storm. They all emerge in a circle from the storms waves of energy, with a grand angel with four wings, nine feet tall, and hundreds of gold feathers lining each wing, standing in the center of the circle. He's clearly not happy he's emerged here, and Lorelai and Maggie, the arcane planeshifters, have dutifully noted the storm as some kind of planar rift.

The angel says that the people of Evelon need to be destroyed, and calls upon a golden hue that lights up several golden strands, like spider webbing, on the bodies of the five surrounding Material Vessels, as well as a few, sparse strands on the body of Mikel the Fatemaker. He snaps one of the many threads on each of them, and they are all instantly killed. He's disgusted by the fact they're the only ones with these strands, and he teleports away. (Just to make things a little less complicated, these are the Threads of Fate, which allow the True Gods of the True World to control mortality there. Of course, if that didn't make sense either, I suggest asking me about the story, since you've missed several key points in past sessions.)

With the angel gone, the Material Vessels, dead, begin to fall from the sky. The group heals them, and Mikel, and then from here, Isis begins to taunt Blink about how she does not have a soul. Blink questions Aquaria/Annette, who tries to sweet talk around it, but ultimately fails to comfort Blink. While the people are regrouping, Blink goes to Maggie and asks her to planeshift her to the Hidden Coast. It takes a few attempts, much to Maggie's wild magic nature, but eventually, they end up in the Hidden Coast, and Blink hurries to her old school to weep in a room alone. Lorelai, irritated Maggie used her powers so frivilously, goes after Blink, and when Blink rejects her company, Lorelai shrugs it off and decides Blink should be left in the Hidden Coast.

Such is not the way of things, however. Lorelai needs a shard of the shattered pieces of the Orb of Fire to help awaken the last of Pyre's Essences in Xander, and asks the group to go look for one that she knows is located within a central forest in the Hidden Coast. Blink and Shade are reunited when the group returns to the Hidden Coast and Blink shares with Shade the horrible news. Meanwhile, Osker hunts half of the North Woods out, Shaenelle sun bathes (with no sun being in the Wasted Lands, she's glad to be home), Portia steals from the townsfolk, Quin meets with Vorenelsewhere in the Hidden Coast, and Cerulean has a drink with Portia before her stealing rampage, in no particular order.

While Blink and Shade are out, they go to the fairy people and learn about the birth of fairies through a magical ritual. They also question the lack of souls in fairies. The leader of the fey tells them about how a unicorn was slayed by Nessaria, the fire goblin, in the North Wood, and asks Shade and Blink to take care of this matter in exchange for the information they've been given.

When Blink and Shade come back to the town of Poisson late at night, where the majority of the group save the two of them and the wandering Quin are located, they want to speak with Shaenelle regarding the death of unicorns. So, the two fairies head into the inn that Shaenelle and Cerulean have rented the finest suite at, and barge into their room while they're in the middle of lovemaking. Cerulean nearly singes the both of them as he throws fire out, ashing the door, and a wooden coaster is used with warp wood to make a very thin sheet of wood in place of the door so they can continue what they're doing. Afterwards, Cerulean is still agitated and decides to go lay down in Portia's room while Shaenelle speaks with Shade and Blink.

Cerulean telepathically contacts Quin and lets him know about how there is a fire goblin in the middle of the North Woods that supposedly killing unicorns, and this "fire" goblin might have something to do with the shard of the Orb of "Fire" that they're looking for.

Quin uses his telepathic powers to draw a memory of Nessaria's lab from Blink and uses this to teleport everyone into Nessaria's labratory. Inside, Nessaria is taken offguard, but quickly uses Time Stop to summon Fire Elemental allies and to put several magical boosts on herself. Nessaria is, for all intensive purposes, a fire elemental herself, a master Elemental Savant (prestige class.) She is narrowly defeated after she eventually uses a mass suggestion to try to coax the Orb of Air out of the group, though in battle, Portia and Blink are both killed. The game ended at the end of the battle with Nessaria, inside her lab. The group has yet to locate the shard of the Orb of Fire.

Note: When Blink was alone in her old school, she summoned a Celestial of medium rank, who named himself Norriel. She asked him about fairies and their lack of souls, and Norriel told her that she had a soul, but it was the same soul all magic and all fairies shared together, a united essence. After speaking with him, she agreed to help Norriel if she ever saw he needed aide in his home plane.

Website updates: I haven't done any updates to the website in the past week. The past week just sucked for me. Sorry about the delay in the synopsis post.

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spriksie: Session Nineteen

Session Nineteen

Present: Everyone except Francis.

There's links to the character names this time! XD

The session started with everyone in Maggie's plane. The group members began searching this plane, and some events occured:
  • A hut was discovered and inside Portia, who was the first to enter, was attacked by Leviant, the Guardian of Annette, who was a little too much on the defensive. He bantered for awhile with the group members and explained Annette was out cold in another room, and that he was defending it--the hut had been attacked earlier by a treant that was destroyed by lightning, and since then, he's been wary while on guard over his sister.
  • Osker spoke with the trees, which were generally happy with the area, though the discovered Leviant claimed a treant attacked the hut.
  • Blink played with the water elemental babies in the purple water, which told her that they were unhappy there and wanted to go home. She found her magic items made for children worked for the water elementals.
  • Milia and Illia failed their search checks and were generally lost in the plane for a good portion of the time.
Eventually, after the hut was discovered and everyone spoke with Leviant and discovered Annette was unconscious, Maggie made it snow, and the snow became thick while Blink had snowball fights with the living trees. Shaenelle approached the group in a thick fur coat and behind her came Cerulean, Mikel, Amberyl, Voren, Timothy, and Ephemera, greeted by Illia and Quin. Cerulean tells the group about how they were teleported to a forcecage and then, after Shaenelle and the rest of them came to rescue them, they were attacked by an army of astral constructs created by Ephemera, which she quickly called off when Voren gave her the order to cease attacking. It was also discovered that Voren had become Timothy's Guardian, and so was now the Guardian of Positive Energy--with much irony, since Milia, his sister, is the Material Vessel of Negative Energy, and Mikel, his brother, is a cleric of Negative Energy.

Maggie is also with this group, and begins a discussion on how the group is going to deal with the Dream Vestiges that attacked the village in the Wasted Lands. She suggests that they find a way to attack the Dream Vestiges from the Abyss and from the Material Plane at the same time, and Osker and Blink come up with the idea that if the Dream Vestiges are summoned into a hostile plane, then they will try to fight from the Abyss, because they will not want to exist in the hostile plane. The hostile plane of choice, since the Dream Vestiges are undead, is the Plane of Positive Energy.

Before productivity increases, however, Shaenelle takes a moment while observing Portia's research on the new planar herbs--thus noting Portia practices Herbalism the same way she does--to give her a leaf that Portia does not recognize. She drugs Portia on Ambrosia Leaves, and then, in turn, Illia and Blink end up drugged. Blink shrinks Portia using Reduce Person and she and Shade have a threesome with Portia in Osker's beard while Illia swims around in the purple water, all of them admiring the vivid colors and happiness of the world during their high. Shaenelle is thoroughly amused by all of this.

Also, when Maggie first showed up, she brought with her a boar, then duplicated it as a purple boar, to feed everyone. (Got to love Maggie's wild magic.)

Later in the day, a gate opens and Lorelai, Xander, Tengaar, and Elric arrive. Lorelai agrees to summoning the Dream Vestiges to the Plane of Positive Energy, and the group divides into groups to try to fight the nine Dream Vestiges that are in the Wasted Lands. While Lorelai and Xander remain in the Plane of Positive Energy, nine groups are in the Abyss and fight the Dream Vestiges separately, all within 60 feet of each other in a large circle (two rounds can bring one group to either of the two next to them in the circle):
  1. Tengaar
  2. Elric
  3. Ephemera
  4. Cerulean and Shaenelle
  5. TImothy and Voren
  6. Mikel, Amberyl, and Portia
  7. Maggie, Osker, and Turk
  8. Viktor, Shade, and Illia
  9. Milia, Quin, and Portia
Once the Dream Vestiges were successfully defeated, the group went to Maggie's plane, then had all the villagers go back to their village in the Wasted Lands, and the group retired in the saved village for the evening to rest. The game ended there.

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